Saturday, August 4, 2012

Brattleboro, VT - Day 48

This morning we loaded our luggage in "The Box" first (the Budget rental truck) and then had breakfast because the breakfast room didn't open until 7:00. It's good to change the routine up a bit. Ward and I were the last one's out of the breakfast room (another change in routine) because we were talking  about the trip with to two guys from New Jersey who were on a motorcycle tour. Many people are asking about what we are doing. Telling them our story is helping me believe that, yes, I really have almost completed this amazing journey.

We rode over the Hudson River in Troy, wound our way past farms, and into Vermont. The morning was humid and hazy. After the town of Old Bennington we had a climb through the Green Mountains to the summit of Hogback Mountain. Then it was pretty much downhill to Brattleboro. There wasn't much of a shoulder and plenty of traffic, but I felt quite comfortable. All those miles have toughened me up. I decided Highway 9 in Vermont is nothing compared to those first rainy days in Oregon riding on Highway 30 with logging trucks flying by.

We went straight to a bike shop when we pulled into Brattleboro to see why my bike has been making a clunking sound when I pedal hard. Polly listened to the sound all across the country. Ward said it reminded him of the crocodile who swallowed the clock in Peter Pan -- clunk, clunk ,clunk. We determined it wasn't the pedals and might be the the crank or bottom bracket. At any rate, I think the bike will make it two more days and God willing so will I.

Tonight is the last time we'll be scrounging for quarters, ripping off our dirty clothes, and running to the washing machine to be at the front of the line for the one washing machine. It is the last night that we will Efferdent our water bottles. (We put Efferdent, the stuff that cleans false teeth, in the bottles to sanitize them.) It will be the last time I fill my little Ziplock bag with a  supply of Bag Balm for the road. Hallelujah!  

The end is in sight! I'm filled with disbelief, amazement, and anticipation of the what I will actually feel as I dip my wheel in the Atlantic. 

Day 48 
Miles: 79
Total Miles: 3531
Elevation Gain: 5591
Elevation Loss: 5636
Next Stop: Manchester, NH

Link to Mimi's Garmin Info

Ollie, a policeman from Hamburg, Germany
sporting his kit in the breakfast line. This one
is for David, our German son!

Your daily corn
Farm with hazy mountains in the background
Living the good life

Molly Stark was the wife of Revolutionary General John Stark.
She has all kinds of things named after her and she is the
ancestor of my childhood friend Molly Stark Alldrich.
Church in Old Bennington, Vermont
Lake near Willmington,VT

Yes , Mimi and Ward made it to the second to last state. My arm is around Polly. Here in spirit!

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