Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Polly's Little Falls to Latham - day 47 redux

The day started cool and with fog which was so beautiful. After strting in it, we rode up out of it, into the sun, then down into it again. It was magical, but it quickly burned off and we had a perfect day! Temps were in the 70's for the most part, the roads were good AND the wind was at our backs - no complaints here.

The whole day was spent close to the Erie Canal and the end of it on a beautiful paved bike path right alongside it - much of which was likely funded by GE as it wound for miles through and around GE research facilities.

A highlight was watching a boat go through at lock 8. (We started riding around lock 15.) It was something to see the whole procedure from start to finish. Who thought this up?! Really an amazing process.

Deb and Bob were fantastic companions - they brought great food for sag stops and cheerily moved our stuff. Bob would drive ahead, park at the sag stop, then pedal back toward Deb and me. We'd meet up and all head back to the sag, and repeat. They were both so sweet to support me this way and I am so appreciative. I think they have to be inducted as honorary antiques.

And speaking of Antiques, I sure do miss my fellow original antique Mimi. What a great adventure we had! She loaned me all her route sheets, so I feel like she is with me, and I know she is in spirit.

Dennis and Bruns should arrive any minute. Looking forward to inducting
Bruns as an antique as he will ride the last 3 days with me.

Below are the photos to give an idea of the day. I can't seem to get them to load to the blog from my iPad the way I want, or to label them, so I will try to just go in order as I see them.
1. Our sag stop where I tried to get soft serve at 9:30 am, but it wasn't turned on yet!
2. Last antique photo of the day on the lovely bike trail.
3. Honorary antiques canal-side
4. Trail along the canal
5. Boat going into lock 8
6. Morning fog burning off
7. The antique with the empty lock behind
8. Deb road side in the early morning fog
9. Boat in lock with water rising
10. Boat leaving the lock
11. Cool boat on the canal
12. PTD canal-side
13. Early morning fog

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