Thursday, August 23, 2012

Polly's Brattleboro to Manchester, Day 49 redux

Today is special for several reasons but first on the list is that today Dennis and I are celebrating 33 years of a great marriage! It is also special because I crossed over into the last state, NH! Can't really believe it. Only one more day.

Another epically beautiful day starting with fog that burned off. With the help of my good friend, Sue, who lives in the area, we went a bit renegade and departed from the ABB route. It was a good steer as it got us off Rte 9, a very good but busy road, earlier. It headed us on a beautiful little road through the lovely little town of Hancock, where we stopped, again at Sue's suggestion at a great cafe, the Fiddlehead for a snack. Dennis surprised us and joined us there. On our way from there to Greenfield we rode over a covered bridge. An iconic NH/VT experience.

I love these little towns with their white clapboard houses with black shutters, or stately brick houses, and nicely maintained yards. They line the main streets of these towns, and, of course there is always at least one white church.

We passed several graveyards that are also so "New England" - old slate headstones with hand carved names and epithets. Of course there are the beautiful old barns too. And, the green forest surrounds everything. It feels so familiar.

So, if my sore bottom and sore legs hold up, I should make it to the Atlantic tomorrow - dip the wheel take a swim. Thank goodness for Bruns who is helping me find my way and keeping me safe in Mimi's absence.

Pics are pretty self explanatory I think.


  1. Hi Polly - you are a great writer! Don't forget to tell us when you are leaving in the AM! Deb & Bob

  2. Here's a map of the whole route - 3,667 miles of fun!

    (Copy and paste the link into your browser),-102.392578&spn=34.916307,94.306641