Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Liverpool, New York - Day 45

Last night there were huge thunderstorms and pouring rain. Glad we got that weather out of the way at night! The roads were dry as we set out this morning under thick, grey clouds to ride along the Eerie Canal. What fun to see joggers, walkers, and cyclists enjoying the path. Polly started early and rode with our friend Melanie to the first SAG stop. Then Richard, Ward and I picked Polly up and off we went along route 31 for most of the way to Liverpool. Once again, we rode past farms and through little towns. We realized a day has not gone by when we haven't seen farms or ranches. For the first time old, white farm houses with green shutters are stationed by the roadside, a sure sign that we are approaching New England.

Dennis was waiting when we arrived at The Quality Inn. Polly hosed off her bike -- it was wet and muddy on the Eerie Canal trail-- hopped in the shower and then was off for her next adventure. Peterborough with Sue, Cambridge with Peggy, and flight across the pond for Triona's wedding. Her energy, strength, enthusiasm, friendship, and fashionable outfits will be sorely missed by everyone, especially me!

Day 45
Miles: 93
Total Miles: 3298
Elevation Gain: 2251
Elevation Loss: 2441
Next Stop: Little Falls, New York

Link to Mimi's Garmin

The Eerie Canal - Station House at the first lock of the day

Lock number 33 of 83

"You always know your neighbor and you always know your friend if you've ever navigated on the Eerie Canal". Guess what song was looping through my head all morning.

Okay,I Know, there's a lot of the canal, but Richard was changing his flat tire

Soft Serve anyone?

History Lesson - We have to get some culture!

Polly and Richard changing her last flat tire at the second sag
Mimi riding next to Onondaga Lake in Liverpool, NY. 

ABB's most popular rider loading up in Liverpool.

Riding buddies Jordan, Rosy, Polly and Richard
Polly's ride is to be continued and so will these friendships!

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