Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Henrietta, NY - Day 44

This will be my last post...boo hoo. I will ride tomorrow, but since I will be hopping in the car and speeding off with Dennis to catch a plane to England on Thursday, Mimi and Ward will pick up the blog and keep us all updated on the last 6 days! I am so glad Ward is here to share this last section with Mimi.

So, here is what I've learned - my top 10 Tips - in case you ever do this trip!

10.  Don't let a day go by without Bag Balm.
9.   After getting to your room with your bag, tear off your clothes as fast as possible and run to the laundry room to try to be first at the washing machine.
8.   Stick with Fritos - they work as body fuel but can also be lit on fire in case of an emergency.
7.   Cultivate a taste for subway, DQ, and gas station food.
And did I say, don't let a day go by without Bag Balm
6.   Always keep your key sleeve handy so you know what room you are in.
5.   Keep your heavy stuff in A box, in THE Box.
4.   Do get something to eat if you arrive early. Then come back to help unload...in case they haven't finished already
3.   Don't arrive at breakfast on time - all the food will be gone. Either arrive   fifteen minutes early or fifteen minutes late after they have restocked.
2.   Find the TP when you first arrive at your room, trying to do so in the dark can be seriously hazardous to your health.
1.   Watch out for flying tire irons
AND.... don't forget the Bag Balm

So, this has been a trip of a lifetime, and a privilege to do it with my lifelong friend Mimi, as well as all the other wonderful riders and staff. Thanks to all of my family and friends who have supported me.

Day 44
Miles - 87
Total Miles - 3232
Elevation Gain - 1844
Elevation Loss - 1926
Link to Polly's Garmin Info - and this always has a map of our ride for the day

View over the wetlands from our first sag stop

Another wetland view

Antique Mimi dwarfed by the corn!

Antiques compared to corn!

Gorgeous New York country side and farm

Farm on the other side of the road

Corn and more corn!

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