Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fond du Lac, WI - Day 34

Another lovely day of riding in Wisconsin on country roads and bike paths and through rural American towns. The Dells, which is what we left behind this morning, came from the French word "dalles" meaning to trough, or tiny passage. And as we moved on to more corn fields and soybeans, the morning was marked by cloud cover and spitting rain to keep us cool. We had a slight downhill and slight headwind. It made for easy riding along mostly car free roads. 

The first little town we came to was Packwaukee - don't you love the name - on a large lake that we rode along for quite a while. Our sag stop was in the town of Montello, but the best stop was in the town of Princeton where the American Legion was holding a brat fest which they do every Friday and Saturday of July and August. Now that was fun! Of course Mimi, didn't exactly chow down, but I did!

We had our second sag stop in Ripon - birthplace of the Republican party! And also home of Ripon College, Alma Mater of Harrison Ford.

One of the things we saw today that was pretty special were sand hill cranes just off the road. We have seen cardinals, gold finches, warblers and really a huge variety of birds over the course of the ride. But seeing those cranes just on the side of the road with their red crowns shining in the sun was pretty special.

Now we are happily in Fond du Lac at the foot of Winnebago Lake. Fond du Lac means "bottom or foot of the lake." And our fun tonight was a t-shirt swap that included being able to "steal" a t-shirt someone else had chosen. It got pretty down and dirty, but Mimi and I managed to weasel our way to t-shirts we are both happy with. A fun end to another great day on the road!

Day 34
Miles - 84
Total miles - 2572
Elevation Gain - 2500 (elevation loss - 2595)
Next stop - Manitowoc, WI

Link to Mimi's Garmin info
Link to the map of our ride

All about the Dells

Wisconsin River

Our morning views - soybeans, farms and forests

A little closer look - our road wound around these fields


Not bad for a sag stop

Yummy, yummy!

Up close and personal with the brat and sauerkraut

The scene at the Brat Fry

Home of the college, and yes, birthplace of the Republican party!

Gorgeous country alongside the bike path

And, another bike path - we love
the quiet and not having to
worry about cars.

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