Friday, July 27, 2012

London, Ontario, Canada - Day 40

Landmark Day
New country! and landmark number - day 40!
This morning, as the sun was rising, we pedaled over the Blue River Bridge to Canada. They stopped traffic while we rode over, so we had it all to ourselves, a truly unique, memorable and moving experience. In just a few minutes we were through customs, took advantage of a photo op, and were on with our ride.

The lovely scenery continued as we rode past well loved and tended farms, most of which were growing corn or soybeans. Many of the farmhouses were yellow brick, and many had lovely flower gardens,  well trimmed hedges and newly mowed lawns. The pride taken in the homes in the area we rode through was obvious.

The only negative about the day is that we had to get up at 4:50. A little early for us. So most mornings, although our stuff is already packed the night before, our clothes laid out, water bottles on the sink ready to be filled, we stagger around looking for things because we are so  out of it. There is always some moment of panic when one of us can't find something -the lip balm, the plastic bag with the money and credit card, the gel blocks or stingers, a glove, sunglasses --It's always something. And then, there is always the care of the bum - making sure we have put on our Bag Balm - not sure what this is, well, it comes in a big green metal can and is used on cows udders - and that we have our re-supply of it ready for the road. 

Now while we make some fun of this, it is serious stuff. Last year there were people who had to stop riding for days due to saddle sores, and in some cases people have had to give up the ride. So, we wear different shorts every day so the creases don't land in the same spot every day. We wash carefully every night, and we apply our bag balm religiously. Some people use other cycling specific creams. We tried them, but found them to be not quite as effective as our favorite Bag Balm. That big green can of Bag Balm has become our friend.

Day 40
Miles - 83
Total Miles - 2999 (!)
Elevation Gain - 1634 
Elevation Loss - 1453
Next stop - Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Link to Polly's garmin info - we are having trouble with Mimi's Garmin, so Polly's is stepping in

Welcome to Canada! Hope those American's leave their
weapons at home!

6:20 am - lined up behind the van, which will lead us over the bridge, and ready to go!

Mimi ready and waiting to leave

6:30 at the bridge - leaving the USA!

Here we go!

Welcome to Ontario, Canada! New country!

First town over the bridge. Can you find the Canadian flags in this photo?

Pristine, mowed lawn with barn

Green and white barns and farms - a change from the basic red or white - and still beautiful!
We saw our first and probably last totally green barn today! It's the little things...

The loved and tended yellow brick farm house

Same house looking at the front door

Just had to take this pic! Not sure who this is, but we must be related?

Another beautiful farm with pretty weeds and soybeans in the foreground

Mimi riding down the road - gives a feeling of what we see and enjoy every day.

Species Roadsidia Canadiana

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