Friday, July 20, 2012

Wisconsin Dell, Wisconsin - Day 33

Another misty morning to start our day. Both of us love the morning sections of the ride. In the fog today everything seems so still and peaceful and magical. We sped passed the towns of Bangor, Rockland, and Wilton in rapid succession creating the euphoric hallucination that we were already in Maine!  We passed idyllic farms nestled in rolling hills. Just like yesterday, the middle part of our day was broken up with a stretch of "Trails to Rails". Today we mosied along 30 miles of the Elroy Sparta Trail without traffic. Because we had to walk our bikes through three tunnels that were built around 1900 and ride on dirt, it was a long day. By the time we got to the last SAG with thirty miles to go we definitely needed the huge cups of ice coffee we hunted down in the little town of Elroy to help us "get 'er done" and pedal into our fave, The Best Western. Dinner at Denny's was not half bad; it just took two hours - a bit distressing when you are ravenous. Now we are ready to finish our blog, lay out our clothes, and get ready for an 84 miler tomorrow.

According to Trip Advisor,Wisconsin Dells is the number one family vacation spot in the US and number three in the world. Seriously. Can you believe you'e never been here?

Day 33
Miles: 92
Total Miles: 2488
Elevation Gain: 3494
Next Stop: Fond du Lac, WI

Link to Mimi's Garmin info

Sorry, pictures are out of order, but we can' deal with it tonight, Just enjoy the " ramdomness".

Farm in early morning mist

Red barn with .. you guessed it...corn

Ben Bikin" the mascot of the Sparta Trail with the
teeny, tiny Antiques
"Ben, you look so familiar."

Early morning 

"Ben? Is that you?"

She's smiling, but there is no way she is getting up there with cleats on.

Farm surrounded by hills

Deciduous trees and shade - Yahoo

Quaint town of Norwalk that we passed though o th bike path

Amish wagons from the back

And the front

An antique in Norwalk

Entering one of the shorter, drier tunnels

Tunnel entrance

Sparta Elroy Trail

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