Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dubois,Wyoming - Day 16

Ineffable ride out of Jackson through Teton National Park, along the Grand Tetons on a brand new bike path. Every time we turned around there was another amazing view. As we left the park we headed toward Togwotee Pass and had to do a five mile shuttle along the way because they were doing road work. We missed five miles of uphill to the summit and then had a breathtaking thirty mile downhill into the cowboy town of Dubois. There were a couple of gusts of cross winds that tried to throw us off course, but we kept the rubber on the road. Tonight our friend Richard invited us to a friend's ranch for dinner, how could we pass that opportunity up? It was called Hat Butte Ranch and was beyond description - gorgeous views of the Absoroka Mts. and the Wind River in the valley, and a house fit for Architectural Digest. Our hosts were incredibly gracious and generous and we had the best food of the trip. The blogs and our bike maintenance are going to suffer a bit.

Check yesterday's blog, which we updated, for more on our ride to Jackson and for more photos.

Day 16
Miles: 80
Elevation Gain: 3972
Total Miles: 1157
Next Stop: Riverton, Wyoming
Link to Mimi's Garmin

The Antiques entering the park

Buck Mountain, that Mimi and Polly climbed
with their good friend Penny Grayson almost 40
years ago.

Ward & Mimi in front of the Tetons - its not a
fake backdrop.

We rode along looking at this for the first 2 hrs.
of our ride - not bad!

And again, the Tetons, from our Sag stop, oh
too bad for us

Loading the bikes on the van to shuttle us
beyond the road construction

No way we were going to ride here!

Approaching Togwotee Pass

Crossing the Continental Divide and heading down

The Stagecoach in welcomes us warmly

Mike (nursing his broken ankle thathe did changing a tire on the van!) and Ward relaxing at the end of the day
Polly trades bike for jackalope!

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