Thursday, July 26, 2012

Port Huron, Michigan - Day 39

July 26th, Polly's birthday, started out with thunder, lightning, and rain. Due to the weather, we didn't start riding until 9:30. By then all the storms had passed by, we were safe from the lightning and didn't get wet all day. 

It was the usual, "ho, hum" beautiful agricultural scenery we have seen - corn, barns, hay - all the greener for the rain. We sped along because, as birthday presents, we had great "pulls" from our friend Boston Al, and Richard - both strong riders, and because we had some good tail winds. 

Upon arriving in Port Huron we checked out the bridge we will ride across to Canada, then headed to the hotel to get ready for a great dinner at the Quay Street Brewery courtesy of Ward, who planned the whole thing from afar. It even had a menu without pictures. Fortunately we still remembered how to read and were able to order delicious food and great beer topped with a birthday dessert.

When we arrived at the hotel, Polly had a record stack of mail waiting for her because Dennis had told her family and friends to send birthday cards. It was pretty fun and she loved it! What great friends.
Up really early, so off to bed!

Day 39
Miles - 90
Total Miles - 2916
Elevation gain - probably zero - Mimi's Garmin cord is now out of favor with the computer!'
Next Stop - London, Ontario, Canada

The scene at the hotel - rain delay, hurry up and wait

An example of the "ho hum" scenery - pretty darn gorgeous

And again more gorgeous Michigan roadside views

Our first view of Lake Huron

The bridge over the St. Clair River that we will ride over to Canada in
the morning

The St. Clair River as it opens into Lake Huron

Canada! As seen from Port Huron

Birthday girl, birthday dessert!

Our view of the waterway as we sat safe and dry under a porch and enjoyed the weather at the Quay Street Brewery
The birthday revelers - Mimi, Richard and Melanie
The view along the waterway from the Quay Street Brewery after the rain

Photos from yesterday that we could not upload due to firewall issues! They should go with our Birch Run post! Hope you enjoy.
View across the fields from the Reeves house

Another view from the Reeves
The Antiques trade in the bikes for an antique Allis Chalmers!
Roadside forest view - such different vegetation than we have seen

Wheat field bordered with Queen Anne's Lace and farm in the background

Michigan farm

Species Americana Roadsidia

The welcome board that is in the lobby
when we arrive at the hotel that tells us
our schedule

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