Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birch Run, MI - Day 38

Easy day - only 74 miles. You know things are out of whack when we are thinking that way. And, as usual, something comes up to make it not sooo easy - like the wind, which was across us, over our right shoulders, in front of us, and at times behind us. 

We continued through Michigan farmland - flat, with pretty farms. To state the obvious - most of this country is agricultural, and we are seeing that countryside. At times the branches from the deciduous forests hang over the road throwing their shadows to give us shade and camouflage the pot holes. The country side provides lots of interest.

Today our rest stop was at the home of Sandra Reeves who has been hosting ABB for several years. It started many years ago when her husband was still alive and Mike Munk, our fearless but gimpy leader, stopped to take a picture of a tractor the Reeves had on their property. Turns out that Mr. Reeves was a collector of old tractors and had several in barns in mint condition. Mike, having grown up on a farm, was enthusiastic and that was the beginning of a friendship. Sadly Mr. Reeves became ill and died a few years ago. After that Sandra's eyes have lit up every time the ABB folks come through. So sag with her is a ritual. (In case you've forgotten - SAG stands for, support and gear, and is where we sign in so they know we are alive, wash our hands to stop germs, and get food and water.)  We all had the privilege of meeting Sandra Reeves today as she sat in a comfy lawn chair holding court while we had  snacks in her front yard.

It is fun to see things like cardinals, which we don't have in Colorado, and today a male, so red, flew right across our path - even old bat eyes Mimi saw it. (Mimi made me write that.) We also think that we saw an Audubon warbler fly across our path. These are the little things that spice up our day. Another highlight is coming  through little towns with cared for houses, and in most of Michigan, there are American flags flying from the lamp posts. It is fun to see the pride people take in their homes and in their communities. We have also seen plenty of towns and homes that are run down and where it is obvious the changing economic climate has effected them. That is sad to see.

Now that we are approaching the eastern part of the country and have reached the last time zone, our time seems to be speeding up (kind of like what happens as you get old). Tomorrow will be our last day in Michigan and it seems like we just got here. A week from today will be my last riding day, after which I will hop in the car with Dennis and head to England for my wonderful niece, Triona's, wedding. Mimi, with Ward as a partner, will carry on for the last five days and I will try to make them up in the fall. But for both of us time is running out. Only 12 more days before everyone dips their wheels in the Atlantic Ocean - hard to believe!

By the way, we're a little confused about Michigan. There was no "mount" in Mount Pleasant and there are no birches in Birch Run? Go figure.

Day 38
Miles - 76
Total Miles - 2826
Elevation Gain - 175 (!) Loss - 293 (!)
Next stop - Port Huron, MI
Link to Mimi's Garmin - which is now cooperating

This photo is taken from Sandra Reeves yard looking back at whence we came.
It is also the only photo from today because Polly's camera battery died, so we switched to the cell phone - BUT - the server is not cooperating and we can't upload the photos. We think it is the hotel's firewall. So... the camera battery is charging and we'll try again tomorrow with the phone photos!
This photo does give a pretty good idea of the country, however, and of course we have many more to share!

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