Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wall, South Dakota - Day 23

Because if was only a 58 mile day today, we had a late load (8:00) after a very leisurely breakfast with Ollie and Ray at Perkins. It was already hot when we left the hotel. There was only one SAG but we had a hefty cross wind by the time we got there. We traveled past rolling grasslands with occasional ponds, trees, and green pastures with horses or cows. We rode the last 20 miles on I-90. For some reason the highway department had two rumble strips on the shoulder - double your pleasure, double your fun. We managed because we knew we were going to Wall Drug. We passed at least 20 signs to remind us.

We made it to Wall in time for lunch at DQ. Once we got to the hotel, our rooms were ready and the bags unloaded so we cleaned up and hit Wall Drug. I can now check that off my list. It was 93 degrees-- toasty. After Rap, we had dinner and are intent on getting to bed early because we have 117 miles tomorrow with heat and 20 mile an hour crosswinds predicted. 

Day 23:
Miles: 57
Total Miles: 1686
Elevation Gain: 1438
Next Stop: Pierre, SD

Link to Mimi's Garmin info

Pictures tomorrow. The internet connection is bad and we need our beauty rest.
So, here they are... a day late, but got them up!
Lovely South Dakota

Speaks for itself

The M & M's - Marie, Mimi, & Margie
Notice how Mimi towers over the other two

Multiple views of the vast and beautiful South Dakota landscape

Polly and Melanie hook up with a hot guy in Wall Drug

Just leaving the Black Hills, but sending greetings!

Thinking we'll give up the bikes

The famous Wall Drug.
We counted 20 Wall Drug signs on the highway
in the approximately 20 miles of highway we
rode as we approached Wall

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  1. ONLY 58 miles - sounds like a lot to me! can't believe you're doing 117 in one day. your guys rock!! Becca