Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Riverton, Wyoming - Day 17

Happy Fourth of July!
To celebrate we all wore our ABB red, white and blue shirts today, and many of us had flags flying from our bikes, and red, white and blue name tags. That's about as festive as it got.

Our ride was: turn right out of The Stagecoach Motel in Dubois onto route 26, turn left into the Comfort Inn in Riverton. We had to bear left once, but otherwise just pedal... into the wind for much of it. Thank goodness we had a big boy like Ward to pull us. 

We saw some interesting and varied country from painted desert and red walled canyons to the green river valley of the Wind River and the arid lands surrounding it. In the distance we could see the Wind River Mountains much of the day. 

There are some big fires here, one that started yesterday that we could see as we rode by, just east of Tetons and west of Dubois. Today the sky was smoky everywhere - you could hardly make out the mountains in the distance. It was very hot (95) as we rode into town around 1:00 with some winds (the ones we rode into) - not good when it comes to fires. So, it seems the entire west is lighting up!

Today we thought you might be interested in some of our trip pals who are riding for charity. We think they are pretty impressive

Richard Carey - is riding to raise money for Freedom to Marry and as he rides (or when we stop) he is engaging people in discussion about why marriage is important to same-sex couples. Richard is from New York City and is a really strong rider. Every now and then he will slow down and give us antiques a pull. You have seen other photos of Richard on the blog, but here he is.
If you are interested in supporting Richard - here's a link: Freedom To Marry

Barry Haarde - who our friend Tom referred to, with Barry's permission, as the "hammering hemophiliac." Barry is a 46 year old Texan successfully living with Hemophilia A, HIV and Hepatitis and is the first person with Hemophilia to ride across the USA. He too is an amazingly strong rider. 
If Barry's cause is of interest to you - here's a link: Wheels for the World, Save One Life

Melanie Johnson - hails from Spokane, Washington and is riding with only one functional eye. She lost sight in her left eye in 2006 and has worked hard to overcome that traumatic experience. She hopes that ride will inspire others to overcome their own challenges. She is riding to raise money for Community College of Spokane Foundation to support the Melanie Johnson scholarship for a student planning to transfer to a four year school and pursue a career in social work, and "Sustainability in Food and Farming" to support an advanced culinary student who wants to learn sustainable practices in the kitchen and on the farm.
If you have interest in Melanie's causes you can contact:Community Colleges of Spokane Foundation (509)434-5123 or try this link:Community Colleges of Spokane Foundation Scholarships

Day 17
Miles - 79
Total Miles - 1238
Elevation Gain - 1549 (and today loss - 3543)
Next stop - Casper, Wyoming
Link to Mimi's Garmin Info

Leaving Dubois along the Wind River
Same as above

On the side of Rte 26 - heading east

Looking back - gorgeous red rock canyon

Our scenic views, above and in the next three photos

The Wind River Mts. off in the distance

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