Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pierre, South Dakota - Day 24

We were dreading today, if you hadn't guessed from yesterday's blog, because we were really tired yesterday, it was predicted to be hot, with side and head winds AND we were riding 117 plus miles.  Well... good news for us, while it was hot, the winds were in our favor. Just to give you an idea of the temperature, it was so hot at 6am when we started riding that Mimi didn't have to wear any sort of jacket!

We really enjoyed the scenery - mostly rolling hills that allowed you to see forever. Green swathes of corn and soybeans grew amidst golden yellow fields of hay. Most of the cut hay was in big round bales. We saw a flock of big wild turkeys early on, which we thought was pretty cool. Other than a couple of other big birds, a hawk and great blue heron, we saw no other live wildlife.

We felt better today I think because we also didn't push it, stopped at every sag (which we have to sign in and out of, so have to stop at) but also every water stop to put ice water in our bottles, and wet our clothes etc. to keep us cool. We rode with Rosy and Jordan, and Jordan is a great leader - very steady and easily adjusts to everyone's riding needs. We looked like Jordan and the 3 little ducklings...Quack, Mack and Jack.

We crossed the Missouri River and are now in the Central Time Zone, so we are making progress, slowly but surely toward the east.  Last year the Missouri was flooded, but this year it is the opposite - the area is as dry as a bone, like much of the west.

Because it was a long day, the staff engineered a poker game. It cost a dollar to get in and we got a card at "load" in the morning and at each SAG stop. We'll get our last card at "rap." The person with the best hand gets the pot, which, if everyone particpates, will be over $50. Both of us continued to draw crappy cards throughout the day, one bad card after another. Once again looks like we are losers when it comes to the games. Oh well, we know we are winners in other ways!

Day 24
Miles - 117
Total Miles - 1803
Elevation Gain - 3369
Next Stop - Chamberlain, SD
Link to Mimi's Garmin info

Scenery throughout the day
Grassland, early morning

wheat fields

Hauling a hay bale - by our sag stop

Field of hay bales

yellow and green - rolling shot of our views

South Dakota farm in a sea of wheat

Tourist information - only 30 more miles to go!

Our last sag stop

Sag stop views above and below - who says South Dakota isn't pretty?

More tourist info - back side of other sign - from Pierre only 169 to the Corn Palace!

Rosy and Jordan lead us over the Missouri River

Pronounce it "pier" - lose the French accent!

The antique teachers at the first
Pierre School House

There is so much dirt on the roads
and we are totally gritty at the end
of the day -
Legs stage 1

After the shower - clean
Legs stage 2

Compression leggings - Legs stage 3

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  1. I'm finally following you. Can you see me bowing low to the ground in respect and awe! Truly macha