Sunday, July 22, 2012

Manitowoc, WI - Day 35

A civilized start to the day. We didn't load until 8:30! Actually, the whole ride was civilized, tailwind, just a few hills, not too hot. For all you skiers, it was the equivalent to a day of hero snow. Everyone needs a boost every now and again. We started with a ride past the lighthouse on Lake Winnebago, the largest lake within one state. It's only 21 feet deep! Then it was off through farmlands and a few dairy farms. I had imagined fields full of cows, but all we saw were huge open barns with cows lined up inside.

One intriguing aspect about navigating around Wisconsin is that all the county roads are identified using letters, not numbers. Yesterday we were on P for Polly and today we rode on M for Mimi. We rode by a  town called Meeme, but only Polly saw the sign because I'm as blind as a bat and they didn't spell it correctly either. So I guess it really doesn't count.

We were blown into Manitowoc by cooling winds from Lake Michigan and arrived at 12:15. The best part of arriving early was that after ice cream, lunch and a chauffeured trip to the laundromat (in that order), Sarah Daignault was at the hotel to meet us. She shared her palatial suite--a living room bigger than mine at home, two huge TVs, a bar, and the king size bed with lots of pillows-- with us as we planned our evening activities. (They upgraded her room because, due to her work, she was a premier card holder or something fancy like that.) Sarah treated us and our fried Melanie to the "best yet" dinner of the trip, a stop for ice cream and a tour of Manitowok.

Now we are back. Sarah has retired to her regal abode and we are washing our water bottles with Efferdent - yes the denture stuff and it works great - in our humble quarters.

Day 35
Miles: 57
Total Miles: 2629
Next Stop: Ludington, MI (new time zone!)

Mimi's Garmin is on strike. Sorry, none of that fascinating info is available today.

The Antiques at the Lake Winnebago Lighthouse

A brief return to windmill land - towering over farms

All the county roads have letters - here are a few

First view of Lake Michigan - Yippee!

Dairy barn with cows below and hay above - the kind we expecting

Wheat on the other side of the street from the dairy barn

At the laundromat with pals - part of the regular drill

Do these match?

Getting our directions at Rap

Polly can't see the directions,
Mimi isn't sure what they mean

Hanging at rap - waiting for the debrief

Our fearless leaders: Jeff, Mike and Kathy
Mike, the trip leader, does an amazing
blog/journal of the trip (and there
are even pictures of the antiques)
check it out at:
Link to

After a great dinner at Luigi's, we headed to Beernsten's for ice cream, then took at tour of Manitowac. We love having a visitor with a car! Yea Sarah!

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