Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sioux Falls, SD - Day 27 & 28

Whoopee - Rest day tomorrow and we are glad of it! It has been hot and we have ridden a lot of miles, and we antiques are tired!
BUT - today we crossed the 2000 mile mark and that seems like an accomplishment. The milestones are keeping us going.

As we approach Minnesota, the landscape is changing as is the atmosphere. We are starting to have some humidity, and things seem to be greener all around - more trees, silos and farms. The farms with their silos and surrounded by trees almost look like islands in the fields of corn and soy beans that engulf them. The road just stretches on forever in between. 

Polly rode today with our friend Melanie, who is 70 and blind in her left eye. r She had a close call when she looked down to avoid some dead raccoon strewn in her path. As she looked back up, a car in the passing lane, her lane, was headed straight toward her. She swerved and the over-taken car pulled onto the shoulder allowing the passing car room to get by. The event did, however, scare the crap out of her. After a little comforting and calming down, her adventurous spirit rebounded and they headed off. I met them at the sag and we rode together to about mile 50, when we continued on. We'll catch up with her at "rap."

South Dakota beat at us with head winds and heat today. Nothing against South Dakota, but we are not too sad to be leaving South Dakota on Monday.

Now we are into relaxing and enjoying the spaciousness of the afternoon, and the fact that we don't have to go anywhere tomorrow, that there will be no breakfast feeding frenzy, and we can sit and drink tea after breakfast until our massages at 8:30 and 9:30!  We also got some great gifts upon arrival and send a big thank you to our loved ones - Ward and Dennis for their scrupulous attention and care to the "antiques!"

Day 27
Miles - 72
Total Miles - 2030
Elevation Gain - 1171
Next stop - Worthington, Minnesota

Link to Polly's Garmin info

Link to mao of where we've been

South Dakota Farm

Silos beyond the corn

Girls in Canistota, SD at a kids "tractor pull" competition - Saturday fun!

This cutie told us she won first place and, although hard to see is hanging on proudly to her trophy!

Islands of farms in a sea of soybeans

Daisies from Ward!

"Lingerie" from Dennis - we're in total
agreement with the message

Pictures taken by Jordan a few days ago 

We've seen amazing signs for farms and ranches in SD and WY.  This one ranked high on our list.

What an amazing sculptured silhouette to pass by in the middle of no where!

Polly under the big sky cruising by textured wheat fields.


  1. Polly and Mimi, enjoying your photos and stories each day. Keep posting, love it! Congrat's on the 2,000 mark, too!

  2. sounds like you guys deserve a rest day! enjoy your massages! becca x

  3. You two are amazing women! wow. xoxox Jo