Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chamberlain, SD - Day 25

Here we are in the little town of Chamberlain, South Dakota on the banks of the Missouri River. Today was a landmark day because we made it half way across the US of A and feel like we might actually make it!
Arriving at the mighty Missouri made us reflect on all the rivers we have crossed so far in our travels, so we thought we would write about them tonight.
Of course, we started out at the mouth of the Columbia. That was exciting for Mimi because Lewis and Clark wintered there at Fort Clatsop once they reached the Pacific. Our next river was the John Day River in the eastern part of Oregon. It has many fossil beds and is also a mecca for birders. The Snake River in Idaho provides water for miles of farmlands and so is bordered by green fields.It also runs below the towering peaks of the the Tetons in Wyoming. Coming into Boise we crossed the Boise River and as we left, had a beautiful view of the city and the river valley. We crisscrossed over the Wind River as we rode from Dubois to Riverton, Wyoming. From Casper to Lusk we rode along the North Platte. We also crossed over the North Fork of the Cheyenne River. Finally we have come to the Missouri. It is a beautiful wide river with high bluffs on the western side and farmlands on the east. It is fun to imagine what it must have been like for Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery to navigate up this wide and windy river. It is also fun to swim in it. We went to a little beach on the way into Chamberlain today and had a glorious swim. It felt good as it was in the high 90's.

Day 25 (Half Way Day!!!)
Miles: 84
Total Miles: 1887
Elevation Gain: 2162
Next Stop: Mitchell, SD

Link to Mimi's Garmin

Early morning cloud cover along the Missouri
South Dakota Farmland
The Antiques - Halfway Home
Wheat, wheat, and more wheat
Power lines, the Texas boys out front, and the endless road
Our beautiful country
Lots of corn and probably much more to come
Looking down at the Missouri
Another view of the Missouri
Taking a dunk in the Missouri with our friend Laural from Birmingham, AL
The Antiques hit the Missouri
Laural, Max, and Marie
Laural has ridden her bike all over the world.
Max is from Oklahoma City, former Air Force guy.
Marie has a cabin in Truckee and has organized massages for us on days off.
We all had a great time cooling off in the Missouri on such a hot day.


  1. Huge congrats to the Antiques for making it to the half-way mark! What's really amazing is that you appear to still be smiling. You go, girls!
    Hugs from Colorado, where it's much cooler but less exciting. :)
    Susan M.

  2. Congrats! Half way there, what an accomplishment! I have loved following your journey! Way to go "Antiques!" Safe travels! Love, Becky Oliver