Monday, August 20, 2012

Polly's Little Falls - day 46 redux

Well here I am back at it to finish the last five days I missed for Triona and Nick's wonderful wedding. After two plus weeks off I am a little rusty, and it feels great to be back on the bike. My friends Deb and Bob, who were on the ride, and completed it, have come out of retirement to join me for the first two days and I am thrilled! Lots of other riders have sent encouraging emails and I can feel everyone with me.

Dennis dropped me off yesterday in Deerfield, MA, where Deb and Bob live, and the three of us drove to Liverpool, NY last night. We had a great dinner at an Italian restaurant - ah, no buffet - then off to bed to be ready for the day. It was almost odd to eat breakfast without our 50 other riding pals. And, we didn't have to get to the breakfast room early to get food. We could just get there when it opened!

The day was perfect - 70's for the most part, lovely roads and nice scenery. We are in the Erie Canal area so it is fun to see it appear and disappear a we navigate basically along side it. All I can think of is the old song I learned in grade school "I've got a mule her name is Sal, 15 miles on the Erie Canal... And you never know your neighbors, you never know your pals if you've never navigated on the Erie Canal"

Tonight we are in Little Falls, which is in Herkimer County and was the cheese capital of the country for a while. It also had lots of mills and
manufacturing related to the dairy industry and the mills. Herkimer is named after General Herkimer who was a famous revolutionary war leader. He was responsible for winning battle near hear that turned the tide in the war. The highlight so far, however, has been Ole Sal's Cafe and Creamery, which Ward made me go to, and where we got the most delicious ice cream at the end of our ride!

Photos from below are an assortment from the day and out of order, but they include Deb & Bob ready to ride in the am, the scenery, our sag man extraordinaire, Bob, and our scenic sag, Little Falls, me by the Erie Canal - and a little history re cheese and Herkimer, if you can read it. Enjoy!

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