Sunday, August 5, 2012

Manchester, New Hampshire - Day 49

What an awesome day. The weather looked threatening as we left so Ward, my domestic, carried both our rain jackets all day. It was great rain insurance.  -- not a drop until everyone had arrived in Manchester. Thank you Ward. After a mile of riding, we crossed the Connecticut River leaving Vermont and entering New Hampshire, the final State. About 10 miles later in Keene, we came across Richard and rode with him the rest of the day. We went up and down hills and in and out of little towns with old houses and white churches. The roads were shaded by trees and bordered by moss covered stone walls. This is New England and I feel at home! 

We when we got to the hotel who should be in the lobby but Ray. Ray broke his humerus n Wisconsin and had to fly back home to London. It was great to have him back for the last night.

I've checked into the last hotel and am about to go to the last rap and the final banquet. Here is the little skit Ward is going to do with me.

Polly and Mimi’s Antique Road Show – Skit

Ward: I believe you all know me as Ward, Mimi’s personal trainer and domestic. What you might not know is I’m also an antiques dealer and connoisseur. I’m here to welcome you to Polly and Mimi’s Antiques Road Show right here in beautiful Manchester, NH where the first shot of the American Revolution was fired.  Oh, no, excuse me that was Concord, NH wasn’t it.
All the other antique appraisers as well as I were thrilled when this unique antique pulled in on her black and pink Orbea. We’ve had this afternoon to check her out and to do some extensive research. I bet you’re all dying to know what she would bring at auction.
Let’s begin by dating her circa 1950. On close inspection we were thrilled to see that she has her original finish. You can see by all the scars left by the mountain bike and trail running crashes, the age spots and myriad wrinkles that she definitely has not had any “work” done—no Botox, no collagen or face lift and that’s real  plus  for increasing her value. The patina is quite lovely except  for at the ankles and top of the thighs where we noticed serious biker tan going on.
We also would like to call attention to her joints. They are all in good working condition – no tendonitis, chrondomalaisia, no knee or hip surgery or replacement. No sign of any plates, bolts, or screws in any of the joints. We did infer, however, based on some of her recent activity that she may have a few loose screws in the cranium area.
Given the good shape of this antique, we were thinking that she will bring a pretty penny at auction. Then we discovered that she has full provenance or documentation. In a small Zip-lock bag she has a passport, driver’s license,, credit card, and most important a laminated America By Bike ID card. Not only is she fully documented, but when we went on –line we discover she has a blog recounting her last 49 days. So this antique can be fully authenticated. Born in Portland, Maine, August 30 1950 and has just ridden to Manchester, 3609 miles from Astoria, OR.
Now most antiques have one purpose.  A chair is for sitting. A table is for eating, a dresser is for  storing clothes. We have discovered that this antique is multi-functional. She cooks, cleans, mows the lawn, teaches kids to read, and reminds her personal trainer to take out the trash. WOW it’s not often a multi-functional antique turns up at the Antique Road Show. Her value is skyrocketing.
Originally, we were thinking if you cleaned her up and put a few pounds on her, her value at auction would be enough to bail out Greece.
Then we realized she was part of   paired set.  The other antique, who is also in mint condition and has full provenance, is currently on loan in Winchester, England at what is surely a splendid and glorious wedding.
We are confident that these two antiques will someday be on permanent display in the Smithsonian. So at auction they would go for between  $4,000,000,000 – $6,000,000,000. But truly, they are priceless.

Day 49
Miles: 78
Total Miles: 3609
Elevation Gain: 4590
Elevation Loss: 4731
Next Stop : Portsmouth, NH (and the Atlantic Ocean)

Link to Mimi's Garmin info

Wow! The last state

Stream near Bennington

Ward at the Monadanock Paper Mill - happy to report the mill is still running
Church with cemetery (looks crooked because it's on a big hill)

Sign in at second sag - Wow we were the first ones there!

Church at sag in Frances town

Building opposite church

History lesson - They are everywhere in New England.
Bud manning the second sag
Dessert at the banquet
ABB's awesome mechanic
 Among other things, she's in charge of sag food and the route sheets

Last hotel room - No more clean sheets every night!


  1. Wow Mim's your skit is great! Congratulations! I'm so proud of you! What an amazing journey. Thanks for sharing it with us! XOXO

  2. Mimi, can I have your autograph when you get home?? Congratulations!!!! You did it!
    Love and Hugs,