Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baker City - Day 6

Another gorgeous ride through gorgeous Oregon. You know the expression, "the grass is greener"... well I am not sure I have ever seen more brilliant green than on this trip - the grass, the lichen or moss - not sure which, on the trees, endless fields, just greens everywhere.

No rain at all today! Have to be careful for what we wish as I believe we are headed to the serious heat. Today was cool and comfortable, as we headed up 3 climbs... and down through gorgeous forests and canyons.. AND we had a tailwind into Baker City for the last 10 miles - whoopee!

Today the goal is to get the blog posted before dinner... but we have to go to "mechanic" at 5:00 to get some things we have stored in the truck, do a few errands, shower etc. and while we arrived in Baker City at 1:45,(with a minor detour to get ice-cream for Polly) we didn't get into our room until about 3:45. Then there is stretching, rolling, putting our legs up, making a few phone calls... and finally the shower.

Tonight we will do "Rap" at dinner, sometimes it is after or even before dinner. "Rap" is when we get "tips" about everything from riding to body care, and reminders about how to get along in the group. We also get our info for the next day that includes, directions for getting to our next hotel, a simple map, and an elevation map - always interesting, and sometimes intimidating! 

So, in an effort to get on with the afternoon, and get it all done... I am going to sign off

Day 6
Miles: 81
Total Miles:496
Elevation Gain:5164
Next stop: Ontario, Oregon

Click on link below to Mimi's Garmin for more info
Halfway up the first climb and still smiling

Gazing at snow covered peaks from the high desert-AHHH

"Polly, I think we better pick up the pace."

Pine forests

A preserve with Osprey where we had lunch

Bikes lined up at the Sag for lunch


  1. Each day I will post the link for a map showing the progress of the "Antiques" as they work their way across the US.

    Because competing softwares are not friendly, you will have to copy the link and paste it into your browser address bar.

    You go, girls!

  2. Love the blog, the pictures and the map! Looks like a fabulous trip! Be glad you are not here, as I'm sure you know, Colorado is seriously burning...