Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ontario, Oregon - Day 7

This morning we set off with a bunch of fast riders who Polly pulled for at least 10 miles on a frontage road along Interstate 84. After about 30 miles, we entered the mighty interstate 84. We rode several miles through Burnt Canyon,  part of the Oregon Trail, before arriving at the SAG. Polly feels that riding the interstate is a bit like running slalom gates as we swerved through tire parts, sprite bottles, nasty wire, bungy cords, plastic, bolts, etc. I, myself, likened it to beachcombing, carefuly searching the ground but without the bending over to pick up beautiful shells. When Polly checked her tire, it appeared that one of those lovely items on the road had torn it. We booted the tire with a dollar bill and off we went. Polly was feeling very tired and at the next SAG dicovered the reason. Her brake had been rubbing... We fixed that and continued on along the Oregon Trail and the wide Snake River. The surrounding hills are dry, but along the river we passed irrigated fields of corn, onions, wheat, and a leafy mystery plant.The highlight for me was spotting two beautiful, white egrets. I might add that riding without leggings and two or three jackets was also a big plus.

Because of the time change, the rooms were ready when we arrived, so we swung into our routine: shower, download pics and garmin, mechanic stop for a new tire for Pol, eat, don the compression tights and blog. Polly is fighting off a sore throat so she's gargling, viamin C-ing and putting herself to bed early.

Day 7
Elevation Gain: 2,349
Next Stop: Boise, ID

Click on the link for Mimi's Garmin

Bud:Open for business

Waiting for Bud's okay to load
Mimi, happy to be on the frontage road

Our route: Idaho here we come
Farmland along tne Snake River
Wheat Field
Corn Field
Our directions and clothes we took off at the SAG that need to be calimed
Bud helps Polly "boot" her tire - I-84 Road

Mimi riding along the Snake River

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  1. I am glad you are getting a lesson in agriculture and that you can figure out each crop. Good news! If you read this, you have crossed into a new state!

    Here's the map link to see the whole journey so far (Copy and paste into your browser):