Monday, June 18, 2012

St. Helens - Day 1

We had the best room in the hotel last night --the fourth floor looking out on the Columbia River and cloud covered mounatins on the other shore. I woke up at 4:30 because I heard a train going by. It kept going and going and going and wouldn't you know it wasn't a train at all. It was the wind. It was the wind blowing very very hard. Oh yes and it was also pouring rain. That didn't stop us and the other 53 riders from taking off along Route 30 to St. Helens. The good news is that it stopped raining after we had been been adequately soaked and cooled off.

 Dipping our wheels in the Pacific on Day 0. (No internet for Mimi, so no photo that day.  And, Mimi goes down in the history of the ride as the person with the first flat!
 Who needs the spa for a mud bath, when you can ride in Oregon.

Two picks from Day 1  - clouds and a little blue sky!

The view from our palatial best room Day 0.

Day 1
Miles: 68.9
Elevation Gain: 3732  


  1. Hi --

    Everything OK? We haven't heard from you.


    Suellen & Travis

  2. Mimi, you look so happy - so RETIRED! Have a great trip. Miss you!