Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pocatello, Idaho - Day 13

Last day of June and almost out of Idaho - seems to have gone by pretty quickly. As usual we were up and out earlyish (6:45) to avoid the heat. It was flat and you could see forever, real home-on-the-range country.  It was actually beautiful, especially the first 50 plus miles, as we were on basically empty country roads. This is the land of windmills, silos, and agriculture, ranching and irrigation. The last 30 or so miles we rode mostly on "Frontage Rd." crossing back and forth over I-86 - not quite as scenic, but more so than you would think. The Snake River, and a few reservoirs were visible from time to time throughout the day.  As we approached Pocatello signs of mountains became visible.  Overall, it was a basically straightforward ride. And as usual we have strong men riders to thank for the pulls - Charlie from Concord, NH, and Al from Stockbridge, MA.

One of the things we have seen on a regular basis is a huge variety of roadkill. Today was your average rabbit, or hare (have yet to see a jackalope!)but have seen skunk, badger, red-tail hawks, and a variety of smaller birds, deer, voles, squirrels, cats and even a dog. It is really remarkable how many animals get killed, but probably more remarkable how many live.

We have been staying mostly in Best Westerns. We love Best Westerns! Especially after a night like last night where we had to stay at the Budget Motel - and it was all that the name implies. We had to yank so hard on the faucet to get the water going, we thought we were going to pull the sink out of the wall! However, we did have a bed with clean sheets, and a hot shower. 

Not many photos from today, but we forgot a few from the other days, so we are going to add them below. 

Day 13
Miles: 86
Total Miles: 922
Elevation Gain: 2270
Next Stop: Idaho Falls, Idaho

Link to Mimi's Garmin info

Photos from other days (sometimes our internet or computer are not so reliable and we don't always get everything done as we would wish.)

The Antiques @ Shoshone Falls
(like Mimi's tan? yikes stripes!)

Polly rolling - thanks to Tom!

John Deer tractor photo for Dennis 

Today's Photos
The Wild West

Mimi on the range

Looking around from a quick clothing exchange stop

Our Road - 600 N

Snake River off in the distance

Home on the range

High class Sag stop - (thank God for our vans,
 last time they sold gas here it was $2.50)

Along the frontage road...
hot and dry, Mimi's favorite


  1. I have been collecting Best Western Rewards points on nights we stay at BW, I suggest you sign up, they will even go back 30 days if you write them an email and give them the nights and locations we stayed

  2. Hi Mimi,
    I'm enjoying reading your blog every day. It's like riding along with you and Polly - only from the comfort of my desk chair. :O) What memories you are making!
    Miss you,