Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welches, Oregon - Day 2

Rain, cold and flats pretty much says it all, except for some beautiful scenery. We rode along the Columbia River, much of it on a bike path - a welcome relief from the gigantic logging trucks that have zoomed past us. We also had a lovely ride on a smaller road though a big nursery growing area. Missing however were views of Mt. Hood, or much of the river...

Lowlights were Polly getting a flat, changing it in the rain, and, as we were setting off, maybe 5 feet from there, Mimi had a flat. Also one of the riders hit a cement pole used to block traffic on the bike path, totally crunching his carbon fiber bike and somersaulting over the handlebars. Fortunately, he is OK and after getting checked out at the Portland hospital he went and bought himself a new bike...and helmet. "The Resort," where we stayed, was crawling with kids going to ski camp at Mt. Hood - an odd contrast to our bike riding. 
Dinner was at funky spot, The ZigZag Inn - lots of references, but no papers for sale.

Day 2
Miles: 75.6
Elevation Gain: 3369
Next Stop: Kah-Nee-Ta, Oregon (near Warm Springs)
Houseboats along the Columbia  - we decided we'd like to live in a houseboat

Polly at the Columbia -trying to stay warm
The mighty Columbia in the rain and fog


  1. OMG - the ZigZag!! I guess they haven't upgraded the restaurants this year.

  2. Apprently not, but at least it had funky character. Wish I'd bought Dennis or Robert a T- shirt, but where to put it with the weight limitation?