Friday, June 22, 2012

John Day, Oregon - Day 5

Git 'er done!
"Journey Through Time Scenic Byway" -116 beautiful miles on rte 26  

Here's the good news. We started our day (5:30 after a breakfast of champions-eggs, hash browns,toast, sausage, bacon, oatmeal and I'm sure there was something else--) with a rainbow. The bad news is that, as you know,you can't have rainbow without rain. Yes sireee, it was raining when we loaded up. But it had stopped by the time we left at 6:15. Being optimistic, we started out without our rain jackets. Well, that was just asking for it and we got it. Just a quick downpour that kept us cool for the first climb to the sag wagon and gave Polly the opportunity to partake of a mud facial as she drafted Ainsley, the fast young lady from Melbourne, Australia.

During the downpour we were passing a long, gorgeous lake that looked perfect for skulling. At the end of the lake we saw pelicans hanging out on the water. We rode up to Ochoco Pass through Ponderosa pine forests that reminded us of Maine and Colorado. We had descents that went on forever and a tailwind that carried us past green farmlands with horses and cattle. 

Our mantra was "Git 'er done" as the leaders told us to keep moving because of threatening thunderstorms and the long distance. (Thus the photos from Sag stops and clothing changes along the road.) We made it to John Day before the thunderstorms and we are very proud of ourselves, both having ridden the longest day of our lives. It was truly a gorgeous ride.

John Day area is known for its fossil beds. We're hoping the "Antiques" aren't becoming fossils!

Day 5
Miles: 116
Total Miles: 415
Elevation Gain: 5541    
Next Stop: Baker City
Mud Facial Polly

Giant Rocker - note building in back!

Mimi @ Keyes Summit 4369'

Our scenery pretty much all day

On the Road

"The Box" - our 2nd SAG stop, for lunch
Inside the "Box" - note bags in the back!
And the hand santizer, and wet wipes on
the left by the water jug.
The Snack Table

More snacks!
(What's on our minds?)
Road out of amazing canyon we zoomed down
for about 20 miles - yippee!

More farm scenery - lots of great barns

More of beautiful agricultural Oregon

Last SAG stop Mimi got put in Jail!
Fortunately she escaped and
made it to John Day


  1. while you're layering, we're taking it off -- 102 officially at DIA today, breaking the record from 1877. Ah, Colorado, in June. hugs, Suellen

  2. We seem to be in a rain pattern! But all beautiful and we are thankful for that! Thanks for the update! Xo

  3. What a great adventure, Polly! I saw the link on facebook and found this great blog documenting your trip.

    Have a wonderful time!! Look forward to seeing you when you return to Boulder.

  4. Unbelievable. Rain ! Send some our way while you whisk through northwestern America! You two are amazing. Keep up the positive spirit:) I'm off to Greece wednesday, then off to the "HAUTE ROUTE".
    Be Well Pal xoxo