Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mountain Home, Idaho - Day 10

Bye, bye Boise! 
Late start today (8:00) because it was a shorter, relatively easy ride. Rode through some basically flat and open country - telephone poles the only relative of a tree in sight. You could see forever. Rode alongside a burned area for several miles where the ground was just black! Worrisome shades of Colorado. 

The day started cool and ended quite warm, foreshadowing days ahead. We got in early and were able to enjoy time by the pool, and attend a clinic on tricks of the trade for changing a flat. We also had time to slip around Walmart in our cleats to buy bandanas to put ice in and wrap around our necks to help with the heat.

Tomorrow is a 97 mile day so, breakfast at 5:30 and departure between 6:00 and 6:15. Supposed to be in the 90's - cool compared with Colorado's three digit temperatures and fires. 

Day 10
Miles: 53
Total Miles: 697
Elevation Gain:1325
Tomorrow: Twin Falls

Mimi's Garmin information link
Link to map of our route so far

The Boise River

Looking back on Boise

I-84 Today very little debris -a downhill course
rather than slalom 

On the road -It's drying out

Surprise envelope from Mimi's support

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