Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kah-Nee-Ta, OR - Day 3

Rise and shine. Our bags went in the van at 5:30 am and we rode to the Whistle Stop for a full on breakfast.The sun shone all day! It was 41 degrees when we started pedaling up to the Mount Hood Ski Area at roughly 7:00. Guess how many layers I was wearing: Five. There were lots of thick pine forests and plenty of logging trucks on the way up. Once we started descending there were magnificent photo ops of Mount Hood. Then we took a left and entered the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. Things warmed up and got dry.I stripped down to two layers. We had beautiful views of Mount Hood, Mount Jefferson, Mount Washington and the Three Sisters. The high desert reminded us of Colorado. 

Mount Hood
Mount Hood

The Antiques with you guessed it: Mt.Hood

Mt Jefferson and lupines
Mt, Jefferson and the Antiques

Miles: 66.5
Elevation Gain: 5384
Next Stop: Prineville, Oregon

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