Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Boise, Idaho - Day 9 - Rest Day

Well, the word to sum up today would be: relax. 

Boise is a great little town, nice downtown, neighborhoods and sweet restaurants. Our day was leisurely start to finish - late breakfast, dawdle over coffee, head off for massages - blissful, walk over to check out the Boise Co-op, great natural food store, and pick up a few things, wander downtown for coffee and more relaxing, a little frozen yogurt, then wander to Hannah's Nails (great if you are ever in Boise) to get our toes done (Mimi's first, and now she's hooked), and then a quick trip to the bike store before heading back to the hotel for laundry and bike cleaning and a little hanging out in the courtyard with some of our fellow pedalers. Going to try Red Feather Restaurant, recommended by Polly's masseuse, for dinner. It looks great with a farm to table approach.

So, there you have it... Rest Day #1 under out belts, and most welcome.

Sorry, no pics today!

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