Thursday, June 21, 2012

Prineville, Oregon - Day 4

A leisurely 6:30 breakfast with a 7:30 departure today from Kah-Née-Ta - whoopee! And, only 60 miles in the most beautiful country. We took it really slow and easy in preparation for our big 116 tomorrow. Today was about taking photos and enjoying the scenery, which included Ospreys circling above the Deschutes River, western tanangers, and a couple of grouse we scared up behind a sage brush we were using for our facilities. There was a colt that some folks befriended who trotted down the road after them - pretty adorable.  

Our daily routine is up early, get into clothes laid out the night before, finish up packing, go get breakfast, come back take bags to the "box" - the Budget Rental truck that is huge, sign-in, hop on our bikes and head out. Ride to the SAG (Support And Gear) stop, take off gloves, wipe hands with towelette, use hand sanitizer, sign-in, then get something to eat. Don't make the mistake of putting your water bottle down on the snack table either. Then, do it again...and again...Arrive at destination, unload bags, if the truck is there, check-in, sign-in, go to room, shower, wash clothes, email, blog, misplace everything, find everything, misplace everything, find everything, eat lots, get ready for the next day, sleep and repeat. Meanwhile we are trying to remind each other of the names of the other 53 crazies that we are riding with. 

Prineville, where we are tonight, is known for the fact that the city has its own railway, the Prineville Railway, and it makes money! 

Day 4
Miles today: 59.9
Total Miles: 299
Elevation Gain: 3316
Next stop: John Day, Oregon
Leaving Kah-Nee-Tah Resort
Deschutes River

A photo opp at the River - Thanks Max!

Look carefully for road below Mesa on right, that we rode up. Mt. Hood in the background

Polly and Mt. Jefferson

Mimi and Mt. Jefferson

Fields and fields of Queen Ann's Lace growing along roadside - for Polly's sister Jane!

Mimi headed down the road

Look what was waiting for Mimi
when we arrived at our hotel
 from someone who she loves!

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  1. Ah, flowers ... and you can't even take them with you!