Monday, June 25, 2012

Boise, Idaho - Day 8+9

Since we only had 64 miles to ride today, we had a leisurely departure. We rode with the Georgia boys --Tom, Charles, and Robert-- today. Basically, Charles pulled both of us the whole way. We chatted the whole time so the miles rolled by: farmlands, neighborhoods and the mountains looming in the distance. We pulled into Boise around noon just in time for lunch at a nice restaurant in an area called Hyde Park. Five of the group left today including Charles and Robert, so no more sucking their wheels. We are looking forward to a rest day tomorrow with a leisurely breakfast, massage, and checking out Boise. We might even take a day off from the Blog.

Day 8 
Miles: 64
Total Miles:644
Elevation Gain: 1,205
Next Stop: Mountain Home, ID

Link to Mimi's Garmin:
Link to map of our route:

Finally a new state!

Idaho farmland

Lunch in the Hyde Park Area

Polly enjoying Goody's homemade
ice cream

Eating ice cream. Everyone wore ABB jerseys
 coming into Boise. Mimi's looked more like a dress.


  1. It all looks great especially with the record high temperatures here. I feel kind of dumb going to spinning tomorrow for an hour! Thanks for the posts , it's fun to ride along with you.
    Karen H

  2. I'm loving reading about your adventure from the comfort of my tropical deck ... Hugs! Denise