Thursday, June 28, 2012

Twin Falls, Idaho - Day 11

Up and out before the sun today to beat the heat. When we started it was high desert and pretty dry, the Snake River lending its water to any green we saw. In the early morning, it was so beautiful to see the fans of the irrigation as it sprayed out over the fields. We rode along country roads, past fields of potatoes, lots of potatoes, and corn. We entered Bliss -the town that is- and just beyond our senses were assaulted by the scent of thousands of dairy cows, their heads poking through stanchions to chow down on hay. 

As we approached Twin Falls, we stopped to look at the canyon, made famous as you might recall by Evil Kneivel, who tried and failed to jump over it on a motor cycle (it did not kill him.) Then again from the bridge into the city. 

We had several saviors today, Tom a neurologist from Macon, Georgia, Ollie a police officer from Hamburg Germany, and Tony a retired educator and IT guy from Castle Rock, Colorado. They pulled the antiques pretty much the whole way. Thank Goodness! We even enjoyed a little conversation, and at the end of the day we actually feel pretty good.

We will write more about our fellow travelers as we journey on. But we can say that we are enjoying everyone. We would like to start, however, with the staff who are exceptional. 
Mike, who is the leader has been at this for at least 10  years, maybe longer. He has so much knowledge and runs a tight ship, but with humor and enthusiasm. His crew has been with him for years and years, with the exception of 2 newbies this year. He blessed us this morning with the secret of longevity - one brightly colored fruit loop each - green for Mimi, pink for Polly! He does a great journal with amazing photos and info everyday. Check it out at
Barb - Mike's wife, and the person who handles all the logistics - hotels, meals, and gives us "health" tips on protecting our "naughty bits" and with a smile. Barb and Mike live in Alabama when not criss-crossing the country.
Karen - always does Rap - giving us directions, photo op places, suggestions for food stops, and general info about the road, the ride etc. She also does all the shopping for the sag stops and organized them. She lives in Eugene.
Jeff - Takes care of "the box" - he makes sure our bags are organized, that we can get to stuff that is stored there (we have food and extra bike equipment)
Jim - Mechanic extraordinaire. He is from Lincoln, Vt. and works at Middlebury when the snow flies and he can't ride his bike. 
Bud - is one of the newbies from San Diego and joined the crew for fun, leaving his "real work" behind for his son.
Kathy - hails from Minneapolis, and is a friend of Jeff's. She is the jack-of-all-trades helping with everything.

Day 11
Miles: 97
Total Miles: 794
Elevation Gain: 3114
Next Stop: Burley, Idaho

Mimi's Garmin Upload for today

Map of our Route

The Snake River as we left Mountain Home, ID

Historical information!

The Snake River Valley - note difference in vegetation & windmills on the hill

Historical Marker at Sag Stop

Close-up of Oregon Trail Covered Wagon  

Our Saviors: Ollie, Tom & Tony

The Antiques

The Twin Falls Gorge from the Bridge

The Twin Falls Bridge

Mimi & the boys: Boston Al, Tom, and Ollie

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