Friday, June 15, 2012

Packing Up

We fly tomorrow to Portland, then drive to Astoria to take off on Sunday, yikes! 

I have been laying out the "stuff" on the bed: Nude Bars, my new favorite, drink mix-Scratch & Cytomax, Justin's almond butter packets, Shot Bloks, greens drinks mix and protein powder - yum! (And thanks to Meg Forbes fro her great help and advice.) Then the roller, and the "stick", wipes for the bike, tools, helmut, bike clothes and a few (but not many) things to wear when we are not on the bike... 50 days is a long time to be gone! 

Suitcase contents laid out... hope it weighs under 50lbs, that's our limit, including computer.

and... delicious cake that friends made at send off party! Note bike in upper right corner.


  1. Best of luck and safe biking to you and Mimi. I am very impressed--two wise old birds pedaling their way across America. Please be safe and have LOTS of fun. Think of the stories you both will have to tell everyone.
    Love you--if you're coming through Iowa you know where you can find a shower.

    And though my profile name shows Nonnie (Annabelle has the same blog site and that's what the grands call me), you know me as your roomie, Sarah Jane! XX00
    Sarah (your roomie)

    1. Thanks Sarita, but we'll be north in Minn then Wisc then Mich ...will have to put up with showers at the no-tell motels!

  2. Go Polly Go Polly GO Go Go! much love to you as you set out. xx

    1. Thanks Tri - I will be thinking of you and can't wait to be there on Aug. 4! xox