Saturday, June 9, 2012

One Week Plus One Day to Go ...

I have had some great rides this week, and am feeling basically ready. I know I will get in better shape as I ride and I don't want to burn out before I start. Mimi has been finishing up school and is now going to focus on the ride. I don't know how she managed to train and work like a madwoman - but she is one of the strongest, toughest women I know, so it doesn't surprise me she is 100% ready and on her game.  She will be posting to this blog too, because it is an experience we are sharing - and as she says, we are... the Antiques Roadshow. 

As the day approaches I am both excited and anxious. And, right now feel overwhelmed with the details - exactly what to bring - how much now? how much to mail to various stops? It is amazing how many little things there are to think about - like all that needs to happen to take care of one's bottom - creams, soaps, anti-inflammatory ointments! Should I start with 2 or 3 tubes of sunscreen? Of course the America by Bike gang has great lists and I am looking at those, it is just getting it all organized. So, I have lots of plastic bags for all sorts of stuff - they work great because you can see into them, along with some mesh bags for organization. One gear bag, one personal bag.  

And of course there are all the home details - seeing friends, making sure the office stuff is in order, just wanting to feel like I have left everything in good stead for Dennis and the kids - will they feed the birds, water the garden?

The day Mimi and I leave to fly to Portland, OR and then out to Astoria, where we will start the ride, Dennis heads to Portland, ME, and Ward, Mimi's husband heads to Nevada! 
So here are Dennis and I wearing our great T-shirts my sister sent from the Tate Modern. We are giving the thumbs up to our niece Triona who has been ill, and getting ready to go. 

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