Friday, June 29, 2012

Burley, Idaho - Day 12

Lazy Day...We didn't start until 8:30 which gave us time to lounge over breakfast in the hotel breakfast room with our fellow bikers and some mini sluggers who were in town for a Little League game. Just out of town we rode down to take a look at Shoshone Falls with double rainbows and lots of mist. Since it was a short day, the crew sent us on a scavenger hunt along the way at which we failed miserably. We did get an extra point for for our team name, The Antiques Roadshow. Thank God Ward gave me a new diamond ring because that counted for a pretty rock. (They didn't like the perfect skipping rock I picked up out of the parking lot.) During the ride, Richard, one of our riding buddies, got a flat which  gave us the opportunity to take some extra pictures and do some roadside yoga as we were waiting. As you will see from the pictures, we rode through irrigated farm lands.Thank you Snake River! It was pretty much downhill with a strong tailwind--a biker's dream --so we arrived in time for lunch at Wendy's along with half the population of Burley and a few tourists.

We were the last people to the hotel because we took a detour to an yogurt store and then Wal-mart for Simple Green and a new $10 skirt for Polly who is the resident fashion plate. Our rooms were the last to be ready so we scrambled to do laundry, get to the clinic on drive trains ( I should be an expert now, but guess what...), clean our bikes and get to dinner by 5:00. That's where we placed dead last in the scavenger hunt. I guess our MO today was LAST.

Just in case you are wondering, my hands are lily white and my arms are as brown as a berry. Ah, what a pair of bike gloves can do for you.

Day 12
Total Miles: 836
Elevation Gain: 1569
Next Stop: Pocatello, Idaho

Link to Mimi's Garmin info

Rainbow at Shoshone Falls
Double Rainbow at Shoshone Falls

Bikers enjoying the falls
Potato Flowers

Lots of Idaho Potatoes

A Little Alfalfa Hay
Now that's irrigation

Some History

The Hansen Bridge through a chain link fence

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