Friday, June 1, 2012

Just about two weeks to go before departure...

Where did I get this idea? I don't really know. It is just something I wanted to do. And lucky for me my long-time and dear friend Mimi wanted to do it with me. 

Old Friends

So... Mimi and I first met on the chairlift at Sugarloaf when we were 10 or 11 - and I am now too old to remember which! Last June I retired as Head of Friends' School in Boulder after 17 years there, and over 30 as an educator. This June Mimi will retire as a teacher in the Aspen Public Schools after a similar number of years. We had talked about riding our bikes across America for some time. It seemed like a great focus, and a BHAG. So, here we are two weeks out from setting off. Who knows what we'll look like two weeks into it! Mimi said she is calling her ride "The Antiques Roadshow."

I will try to keep this blog up on a somewhat regular basis to keep everyone up-to-date. Right now I am worrying about what to eat to stay fueled, how much to drink, and what cream will be best for my butt! I know these are all fascinating details! But mostly I am excited to see our amazing country this way.


  1. Way to go!!! You're amazing and inspiring!

  2. Way to go girls. I feel like I'm right there with you with these great posts. Thanks for getting it done at the end of grueling days! What time is bedtime?

  3. Bedtime always later than we would like. Tonight it will be early.... And who are you?